Bosom Buddy Bags

Exquisite Lisi Lerch Bosom Buddy Bags! There is a perfect one for every occasion.
Every woman should have one for summer.  It is the perfect summer bag to carry. Lisi Lerch Bosom Buddy Bags is handcrafted one at a time. These handbags are woven by Master weavers of the Tenganan region, using Ata grass, a vine indigenous to the foothills of volcanoes on the Indonesian Island of Bali. This art form is handed down through the generations and is unique to Indonesia. The bags are not made in a factory, the artists work from home in their villages. Bags can take up to 4 weeks to complete. Since they are custom made, they cannot be returned.
The warm golden honey color of the Ata grass develops naturally from slow smoking over fire of coconut husks soaked in honey . The resultant aroma is your assurance of authenticity, we affectionately call them “bacon bags.” If you wish to minimize the smoky scent, a product like Fabreeze and a few days in the open air will help dissipate the scent. Subtle differences in size, shape, weave, and finishes are part of the beauty of this handmade product.
Please note: Orders are running 3-4 weeks, as they are in the height of their season and each item has to be custom made!