Oventure founders Janie Cooke and Caroline Nix were planning to meet for coffee one morning when fate came knocking – both of them had lost their keys. Getting up and out the door with kids, bags, and a million other things on their minds, misplacing keys was a problem they shared. But that morning they thought, if we both had this daily key struggle, surely others did, too?
When in doubt, one should always ask, “what would mom do?” And that’s exactly what they did next. Their moms once used large, brass jailor key rings that could be hung over doorknobs so their keys were easy to find. Simple and brilliant. Janie and Caroline took this same concept, and reimagined it as an accessory for the modern-day woman. Lightbulb moment. The Big O was born.
As it turns out, women in and out of their inner circle could use the extra hand provided by a Big O Key Ring. In less than two months at the end of 2012, they had sold out all of their stock. They doubled down and ordered thousands more. The Oventure train was leaving the station and they were on it.
It wasn’t until later that they realized that the Big O Key Ring was more than an oversized bracelet keyring, it was a central, well-rounded hub to keep women’s essentials (and sanity) in check at all times. Whatever women wanted to carry around everyday – keys, credit cards, phones, glasses, lip gloss, you name it – could be easily and securely attached to their beloved Big O.
Eight years later, there is a community of obsessed #Ogirls from coast to coast. The Oventure collection has expanded to include 100+ styles of Big O Key Rings, along with Big O Bracelet Bags, wallets and phone cases, all of which are designed with their patented, hands-free technology. The Oventure collection is sold online direct to consumer and in over 4000 boutiques nationally.
Oventure’s hands-free accessories have been featured on TV shows including Good Morning America, The Today Show, and The View, and in publications such as Elle, Esquire, and Real Simple. O Magazine gave Oventure a coveted spot in “Oprah’s Favorite Things” in 2014. Janie and Caroline have also been awarded the Leg Up Award for Female Entrepreneurs by Sara Blakely, founder and CEO of SPANX.
Today, their multi-million dollar hands-free accessory company is headquartered in the Dallas Design District.