Prestige Gala Grey

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Prestige Gala
The Gala Prestige collection by Rosenthal meets Versace mirrors the ancient motifs and myths for which the Versace company has always had a special predilection. The Prestige Gala design features plentiful gold and platinum embellishments – golden acanthus leaves, delicate baroque ornamental elements and imposing lions. Prestige Gala is inspired by the iconic design of the Versace silk cloth ôLe Vase Baroqueö. This collection focuses on unmistakable Versace design elements featuring rich colors and timeless themes. Versace and Rosenthal celebrates an extremely creative and fruitful collaboration. This famous partnership, which has seen the birth of successive collections of the finest Versace tableware, began back in 1992 under the creative guidance of Gianni Versace. His intention at that time was to develop the idea of a Versace lifestyle and his work with Rosenthal was central to this. Versace is a lifestyle and it should be an all-embracing decision for those who choose to adopt it,” he said.