Five Tips from a Pro for Setting a Festive and Classy Thanksgiving Table

Linda Tabas loves the finer things in life. She is a home decor and bridal registry expert who has owned and operated The Pink Daisy for more than 40 years. Linda loves to help customers find unique pieces that express their personal style, and complement their home beautifully. She is an expert on table setting and holiday etiquette as well. Here are her top five tips for setting a festive and classy Thanksgiving table. 

Be Playful

Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season. It’s a time to relax with loved ones, gather together around the dinner table together, and be grateful. Linda sees Thanksgiving as one of the more casual holidays with lots of opportunities to be playful, fun, and festive with your decorative choices.

“There will probably be children there,” she pointed out, “Everyone really just wants to eat and watch football.”

Keep this in mind when planning your Thanksgiving: think fun and family oriented. Turkey butter sculptures, DIY decorations, and low-mess crafts that will engage children in the festivities but also keep them occupied and out from under your feet.

Accessorize Your Table

Just like the right accessory can tie an entire outfit together, festive table accessories can make your Thanksgiving spread more playful, memorable, and fun. 

Vagabond House Turkey Salt and Peppers

“Think outside of the box!” Linda said, “Use different things on your table that emphasize the harvest.”

If you have a unique turkey platter or fall-themed serving plate, now is the time to break it out. Smaller table details, like napkin rings, place cards, bread baskets, gravy boats and smaller serving dishes, are all opportunities to accessorize and show off your personal style.

“Unique pitchers are great,” Linda said, “Like the Vagabond House Apple or Oak Leaf pitchers. They’re certainly fall oriented but can be used throughout the year for other events as well.” 

The clear glass on these pitchers makes whatever you fill them with a table accent as well. Throw together a colorful fall sangria or festive apple cider cocktail, garnish liberally with sliced fruit, and watch the pitcher come to life. 

“Vagabond house has turkey salt and pepper shakers, pilgrim ones too” Linda adds, “They really emphasize the holiday.”


Make the Center Pieces Something Other Than Flowers

Flowers are beautiful for all occasions, especially fall bouquets, but Linda suggests that for Thanksgiving you tap into your creative energy and put together a unique center piece made up of something other than flowers. 

“Use this as an opportunity to be as creative as you want,” she said, “Really run with it!”

Linda suggests going to your local craft store and picking up some pumpkins, vines, gourds, or little pilgrim dolls, whatever speaks to you, and arranging them in the middle of the table. 

“This is also more cost effective because after the holiday they can be stored away for next year,” sh

e adds, “Versus fresh gourds and vines that spoil.”

This is a great way to get children involved too. There’s not much room for error and they’ll feel accomplished after helping out with the most central decoration. 

“You can do a basket, like a cornucopia, that symbolizes the harvest” Linda said, “Fill it with apples and fruit, tiny pumpkins, whatever you feel like.”

Incorporate Fall Colors

Juliska Forest Walk Plates

Playing with colors that invoke feelings of fall will bring life to your Thanksgiving table setting. 

“Rust, sage, burgundy, gold,” Linda said, “Colors from the changing leaves all really emphasize the fall theme.”

Pair these colors with simple gold and white china or keep the centerpieces simple and use a more rustic china set that already incorporates the fall colors. 

“The Juliska Forrest Walk set is one of my favorites for Thanksgiving and fall events.” Linda said. 

The cream colored, vine-patterned china is very fall oriented. If you don’t want or don’t have room for a full seasonal set, consider purchasing a serving platter or hostess tray from the collection. The rust, oranges, and greens in the pattern are very versatile and can be paired with china that you already have. 

Remember to be playful! Mix and match china to create a rustic, family style table setting that matches the mood of the holiday. 

Have a Glass of Wine and Relax

“This is the most important thing to do before your company comes” Linda said, “Have a glass of wind so you’re not stressed out, then you won’t care if you forget something!

Don’t let minor mishaps ruin your day. Remember to be thankful for what you have around you.

“The most important thing to do is to enjoy the time you get to spend with your loved ones.” Linda said, “If you remember to be thankful for your loved ones and the food on your table, then your holiday is going to be a success.”

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