Annieglass Anemone Frosted Vase


Annieglass Anemone Frosted Vase 20″ x 18 x 8″H


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Annieglass Anemone Frosted Vase 20″ x 18 x 8″H

Annie created Anemone Frosted Sculptural Vase to fuel her passion and talent for extraordinary sculptural glass. “I wanted to create a sculpture to showcase the fluid movement of glass,” says Annie. Celebrating the unique handmade slumping process for which Annieglass is known and admired, combined with the natural beauty and characteristics of glass, each Annieglass Anemone features free form folds that vary piece to piece, ensuring no two sculptures will ever be the same. This piece is a limited edition.

The sculptural Anemone vase comes in two sizes, as well as a smaller votive.

*Due to this item’s size it is not available for gift wrap.