Arthur Court Alligator 3 Quart Casserole L: 21.0″ / W: 11.0″ / H: 4.0″

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3 Quart Casserole from Alligator by Arthur Court


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Arthur Court Alligator 3 Quart Casserole

Walk out Arthur Court’s 3qt Alligator Pyrex Holder for a stunning entrance at your next dinner party.

A stoic alligator stands on all fours to form base, while its rough, scaly tail swishes out the back. Colorful casseroles explode out of the dishwasher-safe Pyrex to accentuate the handcrafted, aluminum alligator.

Sand-cast aluminum that is buffed to a brilliant luster with serving glass tray
Removable Pryrex can be baked in up to 550 degree and placed directly into holder.
Wash aluminum by hand with mild dish soap and dry immediately. Pyrex is dishwasher safe.
Comes in Gift Box perfect for Gathering or Party
Size:L: 21.0″ / W: 11.0″ / H: 4.0″