Arthur Court Grape Champagne Bucket L: 10.5″ / W: 10.5″ / H: 9.0″

SKU: 103480

Champagne Bucket from Grape by Arthur Court


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Length: 10.5″ / Width: 10.5″ / Height: 9.0″
Encase your celebratory drinks in the brilliant elegance of Arthur Court’s Grape Champagne Bucket.

Leaves and bundles of grapes layer together to form intricate designs along the base, while the handmade, aluminum shines against the impressioned interior. This generously sized bucket has plenty of extra room for ice and water, which these viny handles have no problem handling.

Glass accents, sand-cast aluminum. All Arthur Court products are in compliance with FDA regulations
Comes in Gift Box perfect for Special Occasion or Wedding
Size:Diameter: 10.5″ / H: 9.0″