Michael Aram Black Iris Easel Frame

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Michael Aram Black Iris Easel Frame


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Black Iris Easel Frame

The Black Iris Collection is inspired by the vitality and beauty of the iris flower. Named after the Greek word for rainbow, the idea of a “black rainbow” feels oxymoronic and mysterious. Michael uses contrasting oxidized and polished brass, as his way of doubting the question of whether there is such a thing as an iris which is truly black in nature.

“I am fascinated with the beauty and mystery of black irises. They are symbolic of wisdom, courage, and admiration. Given as gifts, they convey deep sentiments.”


Holds 5×7 Photo
Easel 9.5″L x 5.25″W
Frame 7″L x 5″W
Stainless Steel
Natural & Oxidized Brass
SKU: 111210