Ginori 1735 Sanremo Large Oval Platter 16.34″

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Oval Flat Platter from Vecchio Ginori – Sanremo by Richard Ginori 1735


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Richard Ginori 1735
About Richard Ginori 1735
Its long history and commitment make it the first and only
factory to combine the beauty of fine art with the beauty of
everyday objects. The story of the ‘white gold factory’ is
that of a time-honoured vision, the story of an enterprise
that has retained its standing of absolute preeminence for
nearly 275 years, always questing for artistic and creative
excellence while absorbing changing styles and developments
in technique as they were introduced over the years.
The ‘white gold factory’ was founded in 1735 in Florence,
in the grand duchy of Tuscany, by the great thinker and
entrepreneur Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori.