Vagabond House Acorn & Oak Leaf Champagne Flute 9.5″ H 7.25 oz

SKU: L1447T

Champagne – Acorn/Oak Leaf(4) from Drinkware by Vagabond House


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Vagabond House
Champagne – Acorn/Oak Leaf (4)

Vagabond House’s Acorn & Oak Leaf Pewter Stemmed Champagne Flutes are cast and hand-finished as an intricately detailed mighty oak tree holding the glass wine bowl securely in its magnificent branches with a scattering of acorns and oak leaves forming a garland at the rounded base. The natural beauty of the exquisitely cast and hand-finished figural stem evokes crisp weather, friendship and the warmth of the hearth.

Our champagne flutes are designed to please the most discerning connoisseurs of the sparkling delight. Our tall, narrow bowl preserves temperature and carbonation, while the smooth glass reduces the nucleation of the vintage.

We also recommend our flutes for serving Belgian Lambic, gueuze or any fine wild yeast beer where the carbonation is an important detail of truly experiencing the libation. Additionally, as a functional and exclusively Vagabond House feature, the glass flutes of our champagne glasses are replaceable, allowing our beautiful artisan stem ware to serve in your home for a life time.