Vagabond House Pewter White Oak Leaf Platter 9″ W x 14″ L

SKU: V917

Three Leaf Platter White Oak from Trays by Vagabond House


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Our White Oak Leaf Platter provides stylish service with subtle natural elegance for any occasion. Pure Vagabond House pewter is cast with exquisite detail and hand-finished to create the figural platter of three overlapping White Oak leaves. A scattering of figural acorns further embellish the platter and delight the eye. In spring the young leaves of the White Oak tree in Helen’s backyard are pale green and covered with a soft, blanket-like down, the entire tree has a misty, frosty look. Interpreting the beauty in pewter was a natural must do for her.White Oak Trees have been known to live up to 600 years and have played an important role in American History. The Charter Oak was an unusually large white oak tree growing in Hartford, Connecticut. Its name comes from the story of how Connecticut’s constitutional charter was hidden in a hollow of the tree to escape confiscation by English authority. An important step towards American independence, the document earned Connecticut its nickname as the Constitution State, and the Charter Oak is commemorated on the Connecticut State Quarter.

Dimensions: 9″ W x 14″ L