“I guess it’s a love of good food and friends that inspires us. There’s no place we’d rather be than gathered around the table for hours on end, sharing good food and drink and stories. Making it all look as beautiful as it tastes is a real part of the experience. Both our tableware and our giftware designs represent carefully edited compositions and each captures a moment’s story. Within these stories you’ll find motion, depth, and a gardener’s sense of color. Urban sensibility informed by time spent in the world’s most cosmopolitan cities or natural imagery inspired by the picturesque New England landscapes that surround our studios, Caskata designs range from sophisticated to enchanting to playful. Always boldly graphic, we fuse contemporary and vintage to achieve a timeless elegance for any occasion. In the end, beauty gives our lives a tangible quality that helps us savor the moments we’re in. We design beautiful products with the hope that you’ll love them enough to use them every day, and then, as those days turn into years, they’ll still be the things you reach for first.”
Shawn Laughlin, Founder & Designer