Charlotte Moss Espalier

Espalier comes from the potagers and parterres of Europe, where trees and vines are trained to grow on flat planes to conserve space and maximize new growth. Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
Made in the USA
 “The garden has always been a source of inspiration in my work as an interior designer. From the cultivated parterres of the important gardens in Europe, the simple yet abundant kitchen gardens of Provence, gardens of all descriptions all across America, to my own backyard, inspiration manifests in all shapes and forms. Each year, I anxiously await the first flowers of spring. Wintertime is spent researching and preparing for next spring by sitting at a desk by the fire with snow covering the lawn dreaming of possibilities. The opportunity to create another pattern for Pickard is always an opportunity to reflect on those sources of inspiration and create something new. Espalier was born from that dreaming.” – Charlotte Moss