JACQUELINE CAMBATA DESIGNS translates imagery and motifs from 16th century Indian Mughal art to the medium of European porcelain. Mughal paintings utilize Persian, Indian and European art techniques to tell stories of Emperor Akbar the Great, a lover of nature, science and the arts.
Jacqueline Cambata took inspiration for her designs from this rich tradition, especially its illustrations of natural landscapes and animals. Her collections combine beautiful designs with vivid colors and meticulous craftsmanship.
In Ms. Cambata’s vision, dining amidst beauty nourishes the soul as well as the body. The splendor of her designs invites conversation and makes the cuisine served upon the tableware part of a multifaceted experience of delight.
JACQUELINE CAMBATA DESIGNS has a wider significance and purpose, to combat global poverty and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in women living in developing countries. Profits of JACQUELINE CAMBATA DESIGNS sales are donated to philanthropic programs which provide a better quality of life to village women and children in the developing world.