For this series of three « Madones », Christian Lacroix Maison went back to the very origins of the House, drawing its inspiration from its Haute Couture archives.
Decadently baroque and quintessentially Lacroix, the three slender silhouettes walk the runway like masterpieces coming alive.
« Nubienne » is wrapped into earthy shades of luxurious jacquard and delicate lace. Meanwhile « Byzantine », swathed in a sumptuous gold-embroidered taffeta, embodies the passion of Lacroix for Spain and period costume. As « Atalante », floating into a delicate cloud of blue organza, dazzles the room with every move. Mixing together the techniques of photography, drawing, engraving and collage, the meticulousness of these pictures is a faithful reflection of the unique savoir-faire of the House of Christian Lacroix. The “Byzantine” Madone represents a wedding dress from fall/winter 2002-2003 collection, that has been used by Madonna and shot by Steven Klein for their exhibit called X-static Process in 2003.