In the early 1950s, during Modernism’s mid-century design movement, their first timeless pieces were handcrafted in a small village north of Santa Fe called Nambe. It was then that Nambe’s passion for exceptional design had begun. Their inspiration: the discovery of our proprietary alloy. Over the years, this vested passion has become our philosophy. Every piece they craft must have an undeniable beauty, artistic integrity, uncompromising quality, and function beyond compare. Today, Nambe transcends trends and generations. They enhance lives through designs that connect emotionally, quality that inspires, and a brand that shares in the lifestyle aspirations of our customer. Nambe’s world-class designers specify signature alloy, stainless steel, fine porcelain, and full-lead crystal, always with the intent to honor their core values and remain true to their philosophy. Come to the Pink Daisy in Yardley, PA to see the Nambe.