Thomas by Rosenthal

Tableware by Thomas.
Design is what you make of it. The tableware programs by Thomas will show off the leader in you. Thomas tableware received many awards, including the International Forum Design, Design Plus, Design Center Stuttgart, and Materialica . Not only are the end-users impressed by the fascinating stainless steel-porcelain-mix-options incorporated in the design of “Vario”, and the cool-elegant functionality of “Loft“, “Trend” is also an abundantly outfitted set with ovenproof casserole dishes and its Asia segment. Then there is the easy to combine set “Amici”, especially designed for the Mediterranean kitchen. It includes pasta dishes, pizza plates, and different varieties of coffee cups. Also included is “Medaillon“, the linear “Sixties” classic by Hans Theo Baumann, with its tee-, coffee-, and tableware sets is very popular and has just been newly edited. Shop for Thomas by Rosenthal at The Pink Daisy in Yardley, PA.