Versace by Rosenthal

Rosenthal meets Versace: Pure lifestyle!
Only the extraordinary can happen when two powerful forces like Versace and Rosenthal meet! Rosenthal with its international reputation for uniting tradition and innovation, and Versace, with its own inimitable and expressive style, have developed tremendously elegant, luxurious and exciting tableware and gift collections. Inspirations for these collections is derived from the different cultures, spanning time, space and history. Accompanying Donatella Versace on her journey to the exotic jungles, visiting Baroque places with their symbolic language of antique myths. Diving for the hidden treasures of the sea. Strolling with a sketchbook through delightful gardens or leading us to the most illustrious arts and crafts of the Court of the Tsar. ROSENTHAL MEETS VERSACE – CHINA TABLEWARE & GLASS CRYSTAL GIFTS The Versace atelier is masterful at uniting the historical and the ultra-modern to arrive at truly timeless yet totally contemporary designs. For the creation of the most luxurious dream worlds, the Versace atelier has utilized only the highest quality. Porcelain, Crystal and Cutlery from Rosenthal.