Anna Weatherley Morning Glory Yellow Flower Rim Soup Plate


Rim Soup Plate 9.0″


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Anna Weatherley has been designing and producing hand-painted porcelain in Hungary for 26 years.

All the porcelain objects are hand painted by a group of very highly trained master painters. The style is a classical free hand painting, but the result is not a “traditional” porcelain pattern. The number of designs are based on 17th, 18th century botanical art and are signed by the painters. This method of painting is a “dying art form,” the product of long hours of work on each object. The fine shading, the small brush strokes, the intricate details are result of very time consuming process. No mass produced decal design can be compared with these hand painted images. This large variety of patterns can be coordinated with contemporary and traditional interior décor as well.

Rim Soup Plate 9.0″