Arthur Court Alligator Wine Coaster and Stopper Set

SKU: 103766

Size: Diameter: 4.0″ / H: 3.5″
Care: Dust with damp cloth. Will not tarnish


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This Arthur Court alligator wine coaster and stopper set features a friendly gator nestled up to your favorite fruit of the vine. The shiny reptile that wraps its scaly body and tail protectively around the edge of the wine coaster just asks for admiration. Meanwhile, a wine stopper crowned with a finely crafted alligator head keeps wine fresh when you put the evening on pause. This 4 x 3-inch ornate barware lies flat against your bar or kitchen counter for easy display or tucks away to lie in wait in your cupboard. If you decide to take this sharp-toothed reptile on the prowl, it’s compact and lightweight so that it won’t swamp you down on the trek. This alligator wine coaster and stopper set from Arthur Court keeps your wine safe and sound.

A scaly alligator wraps its long tail around the coaster as the end extends into a circular hold for the stopper. An open-mouthed alligator shoots up from the stopper to complete this handmade, aluminum design.