Jeff Koons The Split-Rocker Vase for Bernardaud 13.7″H x 15″L

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Bernardaud The Split-Rocker Vase by Jeff Koons


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Bernardaud The Split-Rocker Vase by Jeff Koons
Limited Edition of 3500 Worldwide
Only 300 allocated to the US Market.
Pre-Order only – Estimated delivery 90 days.
13.7″H x 15″L

Consistent with Koons’s persistent fascination with dichotomy and the in-between, the inspiration for Split-Rocker came when he decided to split and combine two similar but different toy rockers, a pony belonging to his son and a dinosaur (“Dino”). The slippage or “split” between the different halves of the heads gives an almost Cubist aspect to the composition. As the model was enlarged to the scale of a small house, the split became an opening, a profile, and a light shaft. In contrast to his legendary Puppy of 1992, which was presented by Public Art Fund at Rockefeller Center in the summer of 2000, Split-Rocker suggests the idea of a fantasy shelter. Whereas the singular form of Puppy is closed and sculptural, the combined form of Split-Rocker is architectural and hollow.