Christofle MOOD 6-Piece Silver Espresso Spoon Set

SKU: 00065636

Material: Silver-Plated
Length spoon: 10 cm
Height storage: 13 cm
Diametre storage: 8.7 cm


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Set contains 6 silver-plated espresso spoons. A decorative silver-plated egg-shaped case with a Walnut Wood interior disk for storage. The espresso spoons are sized for use with demitasse cups. Please note that the case and flatware is packaged separately to prevent scratching during shipment. Christofle turns two centuries of tradition on its head with MOOD, an unprecedented concept rooted in today’s world: a new and daring way of luxury daily living. MOOD Coffee brings a touch of radiance to the tradition of savoring coffee with friends and family. A decorative object that can be used everyday while acting as a statement piece in the living room or kitchen.