Christofle MOOD Silver Plated New York Skyline 6-Piece Espresso Spoon Set

SKU: 00065136

Material: Silver-Plated
Length (spoon): 10 cm
Height (storage): 13 cm
Diametre (storage): 8.7 cm


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Set of 6 silver plated espresso spoons with egg-shaped case. ​ Fancy a Greenwich village style coffee? MOOD Coffee Skyline NEW-YORK brings a touch of brightness and originality to the traditional coffee tasting, for moments of complicity to share with friends. ​ Finely engraved with the motif of the New York City skyline, the MOOD Coffee Skyline is a decorative object, useful on a daily basis, to be placed as desired, in a living room, a dining room, or the kitchen to bring a little New York touch to your interior.​ The case has been developed exclusively for MOOD espresso spoons in order to allow a perfect setting of the pieces. ​ ​Espresso spoons in silver-plated metal. Case in mirror-polished steel engraved with the Skyline motif of New York City. Interior base in walnut wood. Resin bottom wedge.​