Kelly Wearstler Bedford White 5 Pc Place Setting



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A blend of American tradition and unabashed eclecticism, The Kelly Wearstler for Pickard formal and casual collections boast a mélange of styles and patterns ranging from organic to graphic, traditional to modern and delicate to bold. The formal collections — including Trousdale, Hillcrest, Pickfair and Mulholland are unified by a delicate color palette of soft neutrals and precious metals — shades of charcoal gray, sand, ivory, metallic gold and platinum set on a porcelain base. Each pattern features an elegant gold detail or highlight, adding a touch of sophistication to the design.

The Kelly Wearstler for Pickard Casual collection was introduced in the fall of 2011. This introduction marks firsts for both partners since it is both Pickard’s and Kelly Wearsler’s first venture into the casual china genre. Representing the bold, fresh looks that are the hallmark of Kelly Wearstler’s stunning designs, this new casual china collection taps into a strong consumer trend which looks for beautifully designed china that can be used every day. The casual dinnerware collections — Dots Black on White, Dots White on Black, Marquetry Fuchsia, Marquetry Periwinkle, Tracery Black on White, and Tracery White on Black – are unified by a color palette of striking black and white neutrals and fashionable colors of periwinkle and fuchsia that come together to create an impressive, must-have collection.

Representing a remix of the traditional and modern, both the formal and casual collections tap into a strong consumer trend while capitalizing on Pickard’s legacy and Wearstler’s foresight into “what’s next” in interior and product design.