Raynaud Harmonia Large Bowl in Round Gift box – 16 in

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Raynaud Harmonia Large Bowl in Round Giftbox – 16 in


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Raynaud Harmonia Large Bowl in Round Giftbox – 16 in

This very naturalistic and emblematic pattern of the Chinese golden age, intended for the imperial court is today superbly reinterpreted by the Raynaud porcelain company. The origins of this collection date back to the 18th century, when it was produced during the prolific reign of Emperor Qianlong, 4th of the name of the Manchu Qing dynasty, who was an accomplished monarch, poet and calligrapher painter. It consists of three abundances, the exploded pomegranate fruits whose grains evoke the wish for fertile offspring, the pomegranate flowers also called ‘ ‘eternity flowers and the digited lemon commonly called” Buddha’s hand ‘ ‘whose Chinese name ‘ ‘fo-shou” alludes to happiness (fu) and longevity (shou). Its subtle, powdery and polychrome colors, dominated by shades of roses also called ‘ ‘Cassius purple” are made from enamels fired on a cover that were specific to the decorations of the ‘ ‘pink family” and developed in the imperial factory of Jingdezhen. They were largely inspired by the Limoges enamels painted on metal which fascinated the emperor so much. This decoration, representative of the great wealth of porcelain from this period, is exhibited at the National Museum of Asian Arts – Guimet, which enthusiastically welcomed this project, re-edited by Maison Raynaud.