Rosenthal Mesh Aqua 5 Piece Place Setting

SKU: 11770-405152-00000

Rosenthal Mesh Aqua 5 Piece Place Setting


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Rosenthal Mesh Aqua 5 Piece Place Setting
The 5 piece place setting contains the following items (one each):
Bread & Butter Plate, 6 2/3 inch (11770-405152-10857)
Salad Plate, 8 1/4 inch (11770-405152-10861)
Dinner Plate, 10 5/8 inch (11770-405152-10867)
Combi Saucer, 6 1/4 inch (11770-405152-14741)
Combi Cup, 6 ounce (11770-405152-14742)
brand: Rosenthal Classic
form: Mesh
decor: Aqua
material: Porcelain
color: Colorful

Dishwasher safe
With this decor the colors are melted into the glaze at 1000 degrees C. Here the glaze softens and the decor sinks into it, thus making color and luminosity indestructible. It is scratch- and wear-resistant. However, gold decors are not totally scratch resistant by virtue of their natural material properties. This decor was tested by the Rosenthal Institute for material technology (IWT). It is dishwasher safe.
Microwave suitable
This porcelain can safely be used in the microwave.