Vagabond House Golf Coaster Set/4, 4″D

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Introducing the Golf-Themed Coaster Set, a thoughtful and elegant addition to the collection of any golf aficionado. This set includes four beautifully crafted coasters, each one constructed from high-quality metal with a cork bottom to ensure stability and surface protection. The design is both functional and decorative, capturing the essence of golf in a subtle yet striking manner. These coasters are not just practical items to protect your surfaces from stains and spills; they are a nod to the classic sport of golf, making them an ideal gift for anyone who holds a deep appreciation for the game. Each coaster is meticulously designed with attention to detail, reflecting a blend of sophistication and sporty charm. The cork bottom of each coaster provides a non-slip grip and prevents scratches on your furniture, making them suitable for use on any surface. The metal construction gives the coasters a premium feel and ensures durability, allowing them to be a part of your hosting essentials for years to come. Whether used during a casual gathering of friends, a family dinner, or a more formal event, these coasters add an element of style and personality to the occasion. They’re perfect for the home bar, the living room, or even the office, bringing a touch of golf-inspired elegance to any setting. The Golf-Themed Coaster Set is more than just a set of coasters; it’s a statement of elegance, a tribute to the beloved sport of golf, and a perfect combination of utility and style. This set makes an excellent gift for golf enthusiasts, or as a tasteful addition to your own home décor.

Size: 4″ Diameter