Artist Collections

150th Anniversary Collection
“Eighteen sixty-three.
For the past 150 years Bernardaud has inextricably linked its name to Limoges, to porcelain, and to the art of living “a la francaise”.A curious observer might notice that our manufacture has celebrated no major anniversary.
No big 50th in 1913 during what was still the “Belle Epoque”. No centenary in 1963 during the hay day of the France’s boom, “les trente glorieuses”. For those who know our family it comes as no surprise. My father, and the generations that preceded him, never indulged in the nostalgic cult of the past. Enterprising and determined, they always projected themselves into the future, facing and tackling the particular challenges presented during the rich and turbulent history of our nation.
And yet, my desire is that this year, 2013, be the opportunity for us to solemnly reaffirm our attachment to modernity. The artists from all horizons whom we have solicited on this occasion associate their talent in testimony to our constant engagement in this direction.
Michel Bernardaud