LeGobelet Du Roy

«Gobelet» refers to the officers in the king’s household responsible for the bread, wine and fruit to be served to His Majesty. The «Service du gobelet du roi» was ordered by Louis XVI in 1783 from the Manufacture de Sèvres to serve his officers at Versailles. It is decorated with friezes of myrtle leaves and wild cornflowers entwined with a crimson ribbon. In the center of each plate, a wreath of cornflowers encloses a rose painted to look natural and positioned differently on each plate. This is also the china on display at Monticello that Jefferson brought back from France. This dinner service reflects society’s renewed interest in Nature.
Founded in 1737, the Ancienne Manufacture Royale was the first porcelain manufactory to bear the «Limoges» stamp on its products. Today, it is unique in issuing replicas of 18th and 19th century pieces from leading French museums and private collections. The Manufacture is the only independent porcelain manufactory devoted to celebrating French heritage in this way. Proud of its remarkable longevity, it has been able to preserve and perpetuate the art of porcelain making through the work of generations of artists and artisans.