Lisi Lerch Bosom Buddy Bags Charlotte Large – tan – silver or gold snaffle

SKU: Charlotte Large - Chocolate-silver snaffle

Lisi Lerch Bosom Buddy Bags Charlotte Large – Chocolate, silver snaffle


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Please allow up to two weeks for shipment as all of our bags are custom made

Grosgrain ribbon and bright gold snaffle adornment.

The Lisi Lerch Bali Bag collection is all handwoven by local artisans of the Tenganan region of Bali. Each weaver creates these works of art by using ata grass, a vine indigenous to the foothills of volcanoes on their beautiful Indonesian Island. The bags are then smoked in a coconut and honey fire to achieve their luscious golden hue.

Our amazing team in Baltimore then adorns each bag so that they are as unique in character as the women who carry them.

Whether you are strolling down the cobbled streets of Nantucket, sipping rosé in Charleston, or sunbathing poolside at your favorite resort, these one of a kind bags will surely turn heads!
Fits an iPad, files, and all your daily possessions.

13w x 10h x 4d
26″leather handles