Vagabond House Mabel the Cow Sugar & Creamer 5″W x 7″L x 4.5″H

SKU: G317M

Mabel the Cow from Sugar & Creamer by Vagabond House


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Darling Mabel and a fetching pail are the stars of our charming pewter Mabel the Cow Creamer Set. Mabel, in her role as a cream pitcher, is dressed with her flower garland and bell and accompanied by a lovely basket weave pail for sweetener. A delightful tray, cast as a fenced paddock, makes it an ease to bring Mabel to the table. Finishing the set is a sugar spoon with a charming bow topping the handle.

Scott on his Mabel the Cow inspiration:
I was endlessly fascinated by the fairytale of Jack and the Beanstalk as a child, I just could not imagine how Jack could have traded his cow, Mabel, for a handful of beans, magic or not. I still think Jack should have kept the cow! The Vagabond Mabel was inspired by how I remember envisioning Mabel in the story, a sweet, peaceful and beautiful girl.

Dimensions: 5″W x 7″L x 4.5″H