Where To Splurge On Your Wedding Registry

It’s the time of year for romance, for getting engaged, for attending bridal shows, and for planning weddings. In light of February being National Wedding Month, we’ve put together a list of luxury items to include on your wedding registry.

Coffee Maker

Coffee enthusiasts and tea drinkers alike should register for a sophisticated caffeine carafe. Traditional coffee pots are great, but the difference between an amazing cup of coffee and a so-so cup of joe can be the way in which you’re serving it! After all, your presentation is everything. Spend mornings of wedded bliss enjoying the finest, freshly brewed coffees and teas served up in a stunning pot.

Vera Wang Wedgwood Blanc Sur Blanc Coffee Pot   J.L. Coquet Diamond Platinum Incrustation Tea/Coffee Pot 23.5 oz  Rosenthal TAC 02 Skin Platinum Coffee Pot 50 oz.

Pictured (Left to Right):  Vera Wang Wedgwood Blanc Sur Blanc Coffee PotJ.L. Coquet Diamond Platinum Incrustation Tea/Coffee PotRosenthal Platinum Coffee Pot


Make every dinner a glamorous occasion with stunning luxury stemware and glassware. Waterford has been a trusted, high-quality brand of crystal for decades. A company that was established in Waterford, Ireland, Waterford Crystal has become the leader in the luxury glass industry and a must-have for brides the world over. Because Waterford has worked with so many designers, including Mondavi and Marquis, you can find glassware in a style that fits your personality.

Marquis by Waterford Caprice     Waterford Lismore Diamond Toasting Flutes, Set of 2 13"H   Waterford Giftology Lismore Diamond Shot Glass, Pair

Pictured (Left to Right): Marquis by Waterford CapriceWaterford Lismore Diamond Toasting FlutesWaterford Giftology Lismore Diamond Shot Glass

Quality Cookware

As newlyweds, you’re sure to try a fair share of new recipes in the kitchen. A good chef is nothing without quality cookware, so add some of these tried-and-true cooking staples to your wedding registry. Don’t be afraid to include those high-end brands you’ve always read about but never could afford. Use your registry as a place to make upgrades on the smaller cooking supplies in your kitchen, like measuring spoons.

Arte Italica Bella Bianca Casserole 8" D X 7.5" H   Nambe Twist Measuring Spoons 6”L x 1.5”W   Couzon Elysee Le Cuisinox 6 Piece (9.5")

Pictured (Left to Right): Arte Italica Bella Bianca CasseroleNambe Twist Measuring SpoonsCouzon Elysee Le Cuisinox 6 Piece

Knife Set

Like cookware, every chef, no matter what their skill level, knows that a good set of knives can make or break their cooking endeavors. Instead of registering for individuals knives and worrying about whether or not you’ll end up with the whole collection, register for a high-quality knife set.  It’s a bonus if you choose one that comes with a sturdy storage block or carrying case! If you’re a novice chef, stainless steel knives that come with a sharpener are your best bet. If you already have a steady collection of kitchen knives, register for an upgrade to an old knife or for one that you’re missing.Sambonet Knives Black Knife Block Set, 5 knives   Sambonet Filetto 6 pcs giftboxed 9.25"   Sambonet Knives White Oriental Cook's Knife, 6 3/4"

Pictured (Left to Right): Sambonet Knives Black Knife Block SetSambonet Filetto Giftbox, Sambonet Knives White Oriental Cook’s Knife

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