Holiday Hosting Essentials

This year, give your guests a holiday hosting experience they’ll never forget. And make sure it’s filled with gold! Beautiful gold decor and entertaining pieces add class and elegance to your holiday gatherings. More importantly, the color has a symbolic meaning in almost every holiday celebrated throughout the season, so no matter what holiday your guests observe, they’ll leave feeling happy and festive.

Are you planning to have friends and family over for holiday parties? Here are some holiday hosting essentials that will make for a memorable evening.

Michael Wainwright Borealis Gold Medium Tray

Michael Wainwright Borealis Gold Medium Tray

Appetizers are a must-have when entertaining during the holidays. A charcuterie board consisting of various types of meat, cheese, and crackers on this stunning gold tray will draw your guests in and get the party started. Complement your display with the Michael Wainwright 4 Piece Cheese Set so guests can easily slice and pick the items they want.

Annieglass Ruffle Dip Bowl

Annieglass Ruffle Dip Bowl

Want to take your charcuterie board to the next level? Add dips! These ruffle bowls are perfect for your delicious jellies, jams, marmalade, or condiments such as mustard or honey. You could also use this bowl to hold olives, dried fruits, and nuts for your guests to snack on. 

Michael Wainwright Truro gold pitcher 12″x4″

Michael Wainwright Truro Gold Pitcher & Highball Glasses

Hours of nonstop conversations, laughing, and eating will leave your guests parched. Instead of waiting for them to ask you for water, allow guests to help themselves by having a pitcher of fresh, ice-cold water and a couple of glasses on your counter or table. Avoid interruption and keep the fun going all night long.

Michael Wainwright Truro Gold Shaker/Strainer/Jigger Set

Michael Wainwright Truro Gold Shaker Strainer Jigger Set

Details matter when it comes to preparing holiday cocktails. This stainless steel set, finished with gorgeous 24k gold, will give your guests a drinking experience they will never forget. Elevate this experience further and serve your festive spirits in Michael Wainwright Truro Gold Martini Glasses.

Michael Wainwright Large Coasters Borealis Gold Set of 2

Michael Wainwright Borealis Gold Coasters

Coasters are a must if you want to protect the surfaces of your tables or counters. It’s a bonus that these are large enough to fit two drinks. Your guests can use one coaster for their festive cocktail and their water. Or, if they’re only carrying one drink, they can share their coaster space with a friend.

Michael Wainwright Borealis Gold Platter 17″D

Michael Wainwright Borealis Gold Platter & Panthera Gold Flatware

Presentation matters the most when it comes to mealtime. Impress your guests with these clay platters finished with a crystal glaze and 24k gold. Complement these unique platters with quality stainless steel flatware to transform your at-home meal into fine dining.

Michael Wainwright Borealis Gold Snowflake Ornament

Michael Wainwright Leaf & Snowflake Ornament

Since it is the holidays, you can’t forget about gifts for your guests. A gorgeous Borealis gold ornament is a perfect and thoughtful gift. Although classified as an ornament, it is not limited to hanging on a tree. Your guests can use it as a coaster or display it amongst their decor as a statement piece if they’d like.

Setting the scene with these holiday hosting essentials will help you stand out as the best host, elevate your gathering, and give your guests an unforgettable experience.

Looking for more options? Check out The Pink Daisy’s selection of Michael Wainwright products as well as our dining and home and decor products to find all of your holiday entertaining essentials.

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