Anniversary Gifts by Year

The history of giving specific anniversary gifts for each year likely started in the Victorian era. Although the traditional gift list is still around, it has been adapted in recent years to include more modern gift ideas. When shopping for your next anniversary gift, you can interpret these suggestions as loosely or as literally as you want. Read on to discover some ideas for anniversary gifts by year:

1st Anniversary – Traditional Gift: Paper; Modern Gift: Clocks

Traditionally, married couples celebrate their first wedding anniversary by exchanging paper gifts. From greeting cards to plane tickets, paper gifts can range from creative to extravagant. You could also consider printing a photo from your wedding or another special occasion in your lives together and placing it in a gorgeous frame, like the Arthur Court Magnolia Blossom Photo Frame

Arthur Court Magnolia Blossom Photo Frame

The modern way to mark this special occasion is with a clock, marking the passing of time. This Simon Pierce Woodbury Tall Clock makes a radiant addition to any shelf and will forever honor your first year of marriage.

Simon Pierce Woodbury Tall Clock

2nd Anniversary – Traditional Gift: Cotton; Modern Gift: China

Cotton has traditionally marked the second wedding anniversary. You can look for items such as monogrammed cotton bath accessories like towels or robes, pillow covers, a hammock, or a tote bag. If you want to go a little more luxurious, high-quality sheets make an excellent traditional second-anniversary gift. We love the John Robshaw Sana Indigo Organic Sheet Set, which features an organic 300 thread count of pure cotton percale.

John Robshaw Sana Indigo Organic Sheet Set

The modern gift suggestion for the second anniversary is china. Many couples register for fine china and receive them as wedding gifts. But if the china you received as wedding gifts is tucked away and designated for special occasion use only, now is the perfect time to choose a new china pattern for daily dining. The Vista Alegre dining collection creates an effect of unique beauty and refinement. If you honeymooned in Portugal, this set would be a nice reminder of all the memories you made there. If that doesn’t suit your tastes, shop the rest of our Dining & Entertainment collection.

Vista Alegre Amazōnia Large Oval Platter

3rd Anniversary – Traditional Gift: Leather; Modern Gift: Crystal/Glass

The traditional gift for your third anniversary is leather. When shopping for a gift, you can look for items like leather jackets, journals, purses, wallets, watches, or keychains engraved with your wedding date. A unique spin on the leather gift is the L’Objet Terra Leather charger. Use this charger to elevate those special occasion meals you share with your partner at home. 

L'Objet Terra Leather charger

For those who want to go the modern route for their third anniversary, purchase a gift made of crystal or glass. You can look for crystal jewelry or décor items adorned with crystals, or you can update the glassware in your kitchen. Check out these Royal Doulton Promises Two Hearts Entwined Champagne Flutes if you want to toast to your third anniversary.

Royal Doulton Promises Two Hearts Entwined Champagne Flutes

4th Anniversary – Traditional Gift: Fruit / Flowers; Modern Gift: Appliances

Finding a gift for your fourth anniversary can be simple when you stick with tradition and give your spouse fruit or flowers. Instead of handing your partner a bouquet, consider placing the flowers in a beautiful vase so they can immediately put them on display. We love the Vietri Hibiscus Medium Fluted Vase, inspired by the hibiscus flower and a stunning complement to any room. You can also look at the Anna Weatherley Simply Elegant Gold Fruit Bowl if you’re leaning toward the fruit option.

Vietri Hibiscus Medium Fluted Vase

A modern fourth-anniversary gift is an appliance. However, you don’t need to shop for a new refrigerator just because it’s your anniversary. Instead, you can gift your spouse a unique teapot, like the Rosenthal Maria Theresia White Rosenthal Tea Pot. It’s an elegant gift for the kitchen, and you’ll be reminded of your anniversary every time you make a pot of tea.

Rosenthal Maria Theresia White Rosenthal Tea Pot

5th Anniversary – Traditional Gift: Wood; Modern Gift: Silverware

Tradition says to exchange wood gifts to celebrate half a decade of wedded bliss. With a wood gift, there are many options, like wooden picture frames, a new table, or items for your kitchen. If you like to celebrate special occasions with a glass of wine, consider gifting your spouse the Nambe Curvo Wine Rack. This handsome wine rack has a sculptural feel and holds four bottles.

Nambe Curvo Wine Rack

The modern way to mark the fifth anniversary is with a gift of silverware. Blend the traditional with the contemporary and give your partner Capdeco Conty Black Wood 5-Piece Place Setting. This sleek silverware set will look great in your kitchen and makes an excellent gift.

Capdeco Conty Black Wood 5-Piece Place Setting

10th Anniversary – Traditional Gift: Aluminum; Modern Gift: Diamond Jewelry

Celebrate a decade of marriage with the traditional gift of aluminum! While aluminum may seem like a strange gift idea, there are plenty of ways you can tie the metal into the present of your choosing. Think cookware, kitchenware, a beach chair, an appliance, or a new piece of luggage. Any golf lover would enjoy the Mariposa Cocktail Napkin Box with Golf Ball Weight

Mariposa Cocktail Napkin Box with Golf Ball Weight

Since your tenth anniversary is a huge milestone, consider celebrating with the modern gift of diamond jewelry. Whether it’s a pair of diamond stud earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, or cuff links, choose the option that your spouse will love the most.

15th Anniversary – Traditional Gift: Crystal; Modern Gift: Watches

Though the modern gift for your third anniversary is crystal, it’s also the traditional gift for your fifteenth anniversary. Some gift ideas include a vase, decanter, picture frame, or jewelry. We also love these Varga Art Crystal Heloise Double Old Fashioned Glasses. If your partner is into healing and wellness, you could give them a rose quartz crystal that symbolizes love, compassion, happiness, and forgiveness. 

Varga Art Crystal Heloise Double Old Fashioned

The modern gift for the fifteenth anniversary is a watch. You could blend the two ideas and give your spouse a crystal watch, or you could get them that vintage timepiece they’ve been eyeing forever.

25th Anniversary – Traditional Gift: Silver; Modern Gift: Silver

Twenty-five years of marriage is an accomplishment anyone would want to celebrate. Though your relationship may have changed and evolved over time, the gifts to commemorate this milestone are one and the same—silver. You can’t go wrong with jewelry or cuff links when searching for the perfect gift. Or, you could get something to keep your wedding rings safe, like the Olivia Riegel Silver Windsor Ring Holder.

Olivia Riegel Silver Windsor Ring Holder

Finding the perfect anniversary gift doesn’t have to be complicated. When you use The Pink Daisy’s guide for anniversary gifts by year, you’ll be on your way to wowing your spouse and giving them a present they’re sure to remember. Shop our website to find everything from clocks to leather, aluminum, silver, and more.   

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