Anniversary Gifts by Year

First Anniversary Gift IdeasThe history of giving certain anniversary gifts for each year likely started in the Victorian era. Although the traditional gift list is still around, it has also been adapted in recent years to include more modern gift guides. These gift ideas can be interpreted as loosely or as literally as you want. Read on to discover some ideas for anniversary gifts:

1. Traditional – Paper         Modern – Clocks

Traditionally, married couples celebrate their first wedding anniversary by exchanging paper gifts. From greeting cards to plane tickets, paper gifts can range from creative to extravagant. The modern way to mark this special occasion, though, is with a clock, marking the passing of time. This medallion clock from Waterford makes a radiant addition to any shelf and will forever mark your first year of marriage.

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Second Anniversary Gift Ideas

2. Traditional – Cotton       Modern – China

Cotton has traditionally marked the second wedding anniversary. Luxurious sheets make an excellent traditional second anniversary gift. The modern designation for this anniversary, though, is china. Many couples register for fine china and receive them as wedding gifts. If the china you received as wedding gifts is tucked away and designated for special occasion use only, your second anniversary is the perfect time to choose a new china pattern for daily dining. The Vista Alegre dining collection creates an effect of unique beauty and refinement. If that doesn’t suit your tastes, shop the rest of our Dining & Entertainment collection.

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Third Anniversary Gift Ideas

3. Traditional – Leather     Modern – Crystal/Glass

While traditionally the third anniversary has been celebrated with leather gifts like journals or jackets, the modern gift is one of crystal or glass. Don’t get too hung up on the task of hunting down a gift. Keep in mind that your anniversary is a commemoration of the day you and your spouse committed to one another, so celebrate your couplehood with a set of Waterford Crystal Irish Coffee Mugs or Toasting Flutes.

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4th Anniversary Gift Idea

4. Traditional – Fruit / Flowers       Modern – Appliances

Skip the tradition for the fourth anniversary, which suggests fruit or flowers for your spouse. File that idea away under a “just because” gift for no reason. Instead, the modern gift for the fourth wedding anniversary is an appliance. You don’t need to shop for a new refrigerator just because it’s your anniversary, though. A new chirp kettle is an elegant gift for the kitchen that whistles a harmonic tone.


5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

5. Traditional – Wood        Modern – Silverware

To celebrate half a decade of wedded bliss, tradition dictates wood gifts should be exchanged. The modern way to mark the fifth anniversary is with a gift of silverware. Blend the traditional with the modern with a set of wooden-handled flatware

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