Fall Place Setting Ideas

This season, enhance your at-home dining experience by implementing autumnal elements through a fall place setting. Whether you’re preparing a meal for the members of your household or throwing a big dinner for Sunday night football, make the experience more memorable and exciting with a dressed and decorative table. 

Browse below to discover the best table setting ideas for your fall-themed table:


Start by setting your table with a white or light beige tablecloth. A great choice would be the Bodrum Riviera Off-White Tablecloth. Although dressing your table with a tablecloth might seem like something you would do for a fancy or special occasion dinner, they protect the integrity of your table. In this case, a light, neutral-colored tablecloth will allow vibrant colors and unique textures placed on top to stand out.   

Bodrum Riviera Off-White Tablecloth 68″ x 108″

Table Runner

A table runner is a perfect way to add a colorful focal point to your table while also setting the stage for a beautiful centerpiece. The La Gallina Matta Cake Runner in the color orange is perfect for a fall-themed table as it reflects recognizable seasonal elements such as the color of changing leaves and pumpkins. This tablecloth is also oil-coated, making it stain-resistant if any food or drinks spill. 

La Gallina Matta Cake Runner 17.7 x 58.2 Orange


Another opportunity to add more color and more protection to your table is with placemats. The Calaisio Round Placemats with dark walnut beads are the perfect fall placement as it contains warm wood tones. Not only are these placemats made out of  heat-resistant material, but they are also hand woven, making them significantly more durable than others.

Calaisio Round Placemats w/Beads Dark Walnut 14.75″D set/4

Dinner Plate

Whether preparing a meal for two or hosting a lavish dinner party, white ceramic or glass plates with gold detailing will bring a simplistic elegance to your table. The Anna Weatherley Dinner Plate features a thin gold line that will accentuate any smaller dishes or flatware placed on top of them. 

Anna Weatherley Simply Elegant – Gold Dinner Plate 10.5″


The flatware you set your table with must be carefully decided. Forks, spoons, and knives are used more than any other item on the table, so it is essential to choose a high-quality set. The Herdmar Century 5 Piece Place Setting would be a great choice, and the matte gold finishing on this flatware makes them perfect for fall dining.

Herdmar Century-Gold Matte 5 Piece Place Setting


It’s hard to keep track of what your guests like to drink with their meals, so it can be a challenge to put out the appropriate glasses. Play it safe and set the table with the Caskata Quinn Amber Everyday Glass. These glasses are the perfect mix of casual and fancy, adding a hint of fall with their amber tint. 

Caskata Quinn Amber Everyday Glasses, Set of 2

Napkins and Napkin Rings

Instead of using disposable paper napkins and folding them next to each plate, spoil your guests with Kim Seybert Crochet Trim napkins. These napkins are made of 100% linen and are finished with gorgeous gold trim. Display these effortlessly by rolling them up and placing them in the Calaisio Handwoven Napkin Ring

Kim Seybert Crochet Trim, Set/4 Napkins White/Gold
Calaisio Handwoven Napkin Ring Plain Set/4

Center Piece

An eye-catching centerpiece is what your table needs to pull everything together. The Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo 2 Tier Etagere is a stunning centerpiece that encapsulates beautiful fall features. Display colorful faux leaves and small decorative pumpkins on each level to complement the copper branches and gold butterflies already incorporated into this piece. 

Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo 2 Tier Etagere 19″H

Are you ready to start your fall entertaining? The Pink Daisy can help you achieve a perfectly set table. Check out Pink Daisy’s selection of dining and home decor products to find everything you need for memorable fall place settings.

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