5 Unique Candy Dishes to Display in Your Home

Candy dishes might sound like a dated decor item to have in your home, but they’re back in style! And they aren’t your grandmother’s candy dishes. Today, there are so many options to choose from, and you don’t just have to use them for actual candy storage. Their designs are interesting and unique, so they can stand alone as a fabulous piece of decor. That means you can keep candy dishes out all year round, even after the candy-centric holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Valentine’s Day have passed. 

Discover five unique candy dishes to use in your home decor and some tips and tricks for displaying them. 

Annieglass Canoe

Annieglass Canoe Candy Dish

This dishwasher-safe, chip-resistant candy dish is ideal for displaying everything from candy to decorative potpourri arrangements and more. The modern, sleek design makes it easy to work in any space in your home, from the dining room to the kitchen counter, powder room, or even the bedroom. Choose its location depending on what you plan to display in it. 

Annieglass Shells Coquina

Annieglass Shells Coquina - Unique Candy Dish

This gorgeous candy dish is the ideal addition to any home that features coastal decor. Inspired by the sea, this decorative dish can display anything from food to family heirlooms. The frosted glass bowl, which has a place in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC, is the perfect centerpiece for any dining room table or kitchen island. You can even fill it with seashells or other beach-related items and put on display in your seaside vacation home. 

Casafina Cook and Host 3-Section Server

Casafina Cook & Host 3-Section Server 9 x 8.5 x 4.75″H Gray

A truly modern take on the traditional candy dish, this option goes above and beyond when serving up your favorite sweets. From nuts to crackers and other bite-sized appetizers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this server. Plus, it can be used in different spaces in the house, like guest bathrooms to display must-have toiletries or the office to keep your workspace organized. If the cool, gray color isn’t for you, the Casinafina Server also comes in white

Caskata Casablanca Black Nested Appetizer Tray

Caskata Casablanca Black Nested Appetizer Tray

Yet another modern take on the traditional candy dish, this four-piece set can be broken apart and used in many ways. From serving up appetizers and side dishes to using it to display trinkets or house your jewelry, the options are truly limitless when it comes to this decorative serving set.

Mario Luca Giusti Churchill Clear Snack Bow

Mario Luca Giusti Churchill Clear Snack Bowl - Unique Candy Dish

If you’re looking for a more traditional candy dish, this snack bowl is for you. Whether you use it to display your favorite candy, serve snacks, or another application around the house, this gorgeous bowl from Mario Luca will easily fit into almost any home decor style. No matter how you choose to use it, you’ll definitely want this candy dish on display while you’re hosting friends and family.

Shop Unique Candy Dishes at The Pink Daisy

Just because it’s labeled a candy dish doesn’t mean you have to use it for sweets! Work these decorative candy dishes into your home in unique ways and you’ll be able to keep them on display all year long. Shop with Pink Daisy for all of the latest in candy dishes, luxury kitchenware, and home goods

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