Designer Decor and Gift Ideas for Easter

As Easter approaches, it’s the perfect time to infuse your home with festive charm and surprise loved ones with thoughtful gifts that capture the season’s spirit. From playful bunny-themed accents to elegant decor pieces that embody the essence of spring, we’ve put together a collection of seven designer items sure to inspire creativity and warmth in your Easter festivities.

Here are Easter-inspired decor and gift ideas available at The Pink Daisy:

Arthur Court Bunny Lid with 3-Quart Pyrex Casserole

Arthur Court Bunny Lid with 3-Quart Pyrex Casserole

A glass baking dish with an aluminum bunny-topped lid can add functionality and festive aesthetics to any kitchen or dining area during Easter. Whether you’re hosting Easter brunch or traveling to a friend’s house, you can serve your dish as is, thanks to the dish’s holiday-approved appearance. The best part is this dish is Pyrex, so you know it’s durable, reliable, and will last for years.

Arthur Court Bunny Photo Frame

Arthur Court Bunny Photo Frame – 4 x 6

Display cherished Easter memories in an adorable bunny frame. This beautifully textured aluminum frame offers a warm finish to any photo and creates a lovely focal point in your Easter decor. Take advantage of the frame’s whimsical design and quality craftsmanship to show off the latest picture of your children with the Easter Bunny, or get nostalgic and use an older snapshot of you and your siblings at an Easter egg hunt. 

Arthur Court Bunny Deviled Egg Holder

Arthur Court Bunny Deviled Egg Holder – Large

Deviled eggs are a classic Easter dish, and this handcrafted aluminum holder is a festive way to display them. The intricate details in its design create a beautiful luster when brightly colored foods are against it, making it a standout piece on your Easter table. Guests will admire and enjoy the serving dish as much as they enjoy eating your deviled eggs!

Annieglass Elements Cross

Annieglass Elements Cross

While Easter is a fun day to entertain friends and family of all ages, we must not forget its religious significance. These stunning pale green glass crosses, finished with 24K gold flakes, serve as a special reminder of the spiritual meaning behind Easter. Displaying these crosses in your home adds a touch of elegance and a beautiful way to commemorate the special day and honor the religious traditions central to Easter celebrations.

Caskata Blue Bunnies Canape Plates

Caskata Blue Bunnies Canape Plates – Set of 4

Set your Easter table with these elegant and tasteful blue bunny canape plates. Crafted with high-quality porcelain, these plates will elevate your table presentation and are perfect for serving appetizers or small bites. Not to mention, the delightful bunny scene depicted on these plates will remind your guests of how playful and beautiful nature can be. 

Vagabond House Rabbit Place Card Holder

Vagabond House Rabbit Place Card Holder 2″ W x 2″ H

Whether you need to organize seating arrangements for your guests or label your delicious dishes, these rabbit place cardholders are always a hit on an Easter table and other spring occasions. With their delightful design and practical purpose, these holders contribute a unique touch to your table decor, creating memorable moments for your guests to cherish.

Arthur Court Bunny Centerpiece Tray

Arthur Court Bunny Centerpiece Tray

This bunny centerpiece tray is excellent Easter decor due to its eye-catching design of two playful and curious bunnies peeking over the edge. It can accent your signature dish at mealtime or display an array of colorful Easter eggs, candies, and other festive treats. No matter how you choose to use it, it is a versatile and charming addition to your celebration.

As you start planning for Easter, we hope these items inspire you to elevate your Easter decor and dinnerware. Even if you’re not the one hosting, these items make for meaningful Easter host gifts that your host will be honored to receive. 

Are you seeking the perfect designer decor and gift ideas for Easter? Check out The Pink Daisy’s selection of Easter decor and bunny products that are sure to add charm and character to any home!

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