Earth Elements In Your Home Design

April is National Earth Awareness Month, which means that we should all be doing everything in our power to help commemorate this planet that we have the privilege of calling home. As a consumer, you may only consider the Earth at certain times, like when you’re at the store and you use a recycled bag to carry your purchases. The Pink Daisy invites you to challenge yourself and consider the environment more, particularly in yoor home design. Discover some of the elegant home decorations The Pink Daisy has to offer that showcase and honor our planet.

Kosta Boda Earth Home

This Kosta Boda Earth Home sculpture from designer Bertil Vallien’s Earth collection, in which each piece was inspired by a different theme. The Home sculpture is a wonderful way to incorporate the beauty of Earth’s peaceful green environment into your decor. It’s the perfect accent piece for a bedroom end table or a living room coffee table. It also makes the perfect gift for those April birthdays!  

Kosta Boda Earth My Garden

This elegant Kosta Boda Earth My Garden sculpture is also from designer Bertil Vallien’s Earth collection. It’s a lovely and colorful interpretation of the crops and fruits that Mother Earth provides us with. This piece works well in kitchens as well as outdoors, adding the perfect finishing touch to any garden or landscape design.

Vietri Earth Glass Medium Serving Bowl 12"D, 3"H

This sophisticated Vietri Earth Glass Medium Serving Bowl is a perfect representation of planet Earth, crafted with a combination of metallic and brown colors to symbolize minerals. Use it to create a decorative centerpiece in your dining room or to serve meals out of when entertaining.

Vietri Earth Glass Salad Plate 8.5"D

Similarly, this Vietri Earth Glass Salad Plate beautifully matches the Vietri Earth Glass serving bowl, but is versatile and stylish enough to standalone at any dining room table. The rich browns and unique finish of the plate make for an elegant statement piece for serving.  

These earth-inspired decorative elements help remind us of the significance of celebrating Earth Awareness Month not just in April, but throughout the year. While every month should be designated to Earth Awareness, there are ways that we can celebrate our beautiful globe especially in the month of April. Shop The Pink Daisy for these Earth-inspired gifts.

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