Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary Gifts

15 years of marriage is quite an accomplishment! Sharing a bond with someone for that amount of time deserves a celebration. Traditional 15-year wedding anniversary gifts are made of crystal and symbolize the eternal bond that you share with your huband or wife. Traditional gifts include:

  • Crystal Vase
  • Crystal Wine Glass
  • Crystal Chandelier 
  • Crystal Candle Holder

Watches are the modern gift that symbolizes the 15th year of marriage. Incorporate tradional and modern anniversary gifts by celebrating your love with a beautifully deigned crystal timepiece! 

Nambe Crystal Piroett Candlesticks, Pair 8"

Nambe Crystal Piroett Candlesticks

Nambe Crystal Lovebirds Vase 8.75” L x 4” W x 12.25” H

 Nambe Crystal Lovebirds Vase

Versace by Rosenthal Treasury Clock, Mini, Crystal 3.25" W

Versace by Rosenthal Crystal Treasury Clock

Nambe Crystal Heart Bowl 6"

Nambe Crystal Heart Bowl

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