Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The radiance and beauty of gold always lasts, which is why traditional and modern gifts agree: gold is best!

  • Gold jewelry for men and women
  • Gold plated dishware and décor
  • Gold colored clothing and flowers

Since gold is easy to mold, gift ideas for the golden 50th anniversary are endless!


Quest Judaica Collection Dancing Candlesticks Gold Brushed Pair 6.25"H

Quest Judaica Collection 
Dancing Candlesticks Gold
Brushed Pair

 Garnier-Thiebaut Eugenie Jaune Tendre Tablecloth 69" x 69"

Eugenie Jaune
Tendre Tablecloth 

Julia Knight Rose Petite Bowl 4" Gold - 3 Choices

Julia Knight
Petite Bowl




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