Fifty Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Constant love and lifelong luck are represented by the fantastic emerald, which is perfect for celebrating the 55th wedding anniversary. Most emerald gifts mimic those of previously mentioned gemstone anniversaries.

  • Emerald jewelry for men and women
  • Emerald art glass
  • Emerald glass décor

Emerald green is a spectacular color that never looks out of style, so one can never go wrong choosing a gift in bright, shining green.

Waterford Fleurology Molly 12" Emerald Bouquet Vase

Waterford Molly Emerald Bouquet Vase

Waterford Snowflake Wishes 2012 "Wishes for Courage" Emerald Double Old Fashioned 4.5"

Waterford Snowflake Wishes

 Vista Alegre Emerald Charger Plate 32,5 - 12.87"Vista Alegre Emerald Charger Plate


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