Fortieth Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Another colorful year awaits those celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary! Tradition and modern gift gifts comprise of the beautiful and bright ruby.


  • Ruby jewelry for women
  • Ruby cuff links and tie pins for men
  • Ruby colored décor such as art pieces and vases


Rubies range in color from poppy-orange red to deep purple-red, so have fun finding a ruby colored gift!

Evolution by Waterford Agate 10.5" Bottle Vase

Evolution Bottle Vase

L'Objet Luminescence China Love 5"H x 3.5"W 

L’Objet Luminescence China Love

Emilio Robba Flower Bowl Red Poppies 10"Wx4.25"H 

Emilio Robba Flower Bowl Red Poppies 



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