Holiday Hosting Must-Haves

The holiday season is just around the corner. Are you hosting people this year? You’ve probably already considered the laundry list of things you need to do to get the house ready for visitors, but have you thought about those little additions that will make your holiday even more special? Whether your guests will just be there for the evening or they’re spending a week, you’ll want these holiday must-haves present in your home!

                                                   Julia Knight Classic 7" Soap Dish SnowThymes Eucalyptus Bar Soap

High-Quality Bathroom Products. Your bathrooms are going to get their fair share of usage this holiday season, so make sure they’re prepared for it with the right accessories. Display festive scented soaps, like this Thymes Eucalyptus Bar, on a beautiful decorative soap dish, like this Julia Knight Classic, to delight your guests whenever they use the powder room.

  Le Cadeaux Melamine Allegra Red Appetizer Plates 6.5" (set of 4) Fun and Festive Serveware. Food plays a vital role in any holiday festivities. No matter what you have on the menu, serve it up on colorful jolly plates. This Costa Nova Pearl Ruby Cracker Dish is perfect for serving up cheese and crackers or small bite-size hot appetizers. Accompany it with these Le Cadeaux Allegra Red Appetizer plates, which are made of melamine. This will eliminate some of your stress, as melamine is virtually unbreakable! No matter who gets ahold of these plates this holiday season, you can rest assured they’ll survive.

                                                  Bodrum Starburst Silver Embroidered Napkin Set/6 22" Bodrum Bordino Gold Sparkle Rectangular Place Mat Set/6 14"W x 18"L

Elegant Table Accessories. No matter what your home decorating style is, your table spread should feature some sort of accessory this holiday season. These small but mighty additions are what your guests will remember for years and years to come. Whether it’s an embroidered linen napkin, like these Bodrum Starburst Napkins, or a sparkling placemat, like the Bodrum Bordino Gold Sparkle Place Mat, there are simple ways to create an elegant statement that your guests will love.

                                                  Simon Pearce Chelsea Optic Drop Ornament In A Gift Box Simon Pearce Bloomfield Ornament In A Gift Box

Last Minute Gifts. It’s always a good idea to have a few extra gifts on hand during the holidays. From unexpected guests to that person that slipped your mind, there’s always going to be a need for a last-minute gift. Ornaments are always a good choice, as they can be given to anyone. Simon Pearce offers a few beautiful decorative ornaments that will fit into the theme of any holiday tree. The Chelsea Optic Drop is a stunning display of curves and twists while the Bloomfield Ornament has unique contours. Each will reflect the shimmer of light anywhere you hang them and come in their own gift box, so stock up!

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