Hosting The Perfect Barbecue

With Memorial Day coming up, many of us have turned our minds to summer! Longer days and warmer nights make us want to spend all of our time outdoors. There’s no better way to celebrate the summer season than with a backyard barbecue. Grilling up your favorite foods and having a good time with friends and family is what this season is all about. Barbecue the right way with these tips, tricks, and accessories from The Pink Daisy.  


  • Keep the kids entertained. An all-day outing at a friend or family member’s can be exhausting (and a bit boring) for the little ones. If your guests have kids, prep plenty of supplies to keep them entertained during their stay! From coloring books to backyard-friendly games like Rainbow Bowl, your kids will be entertained for hours on end, freeing you up to mingle and relax.

                                                           Mario Luca Giusti Plutone Clear Pitcher 6.25"H, 48 oz.Julia Knight Pet Bowl Large 6.75"D

  • Stay hydrated. With the sun blaring and temperatures rising, providing guests with plenty of water to stay hydrated is of paramount importance. This stunning Mario Luca Giusti Plutone Clear Pitcher is large enough to serve 48 ounces of water, iced tea, or your favorite cocktail. Don’t forget about your pets, too! Homeowners and/or guests who bring their pup outside to play should provide them with a water bowl, like this Julia Knight design, to replenish their fluids throughout the barbecuing fun.

Le Cadeaux Melamine Marrakech Appetizer Plates 6.5" (set of 4)

  • Set the table. When you’re outback entertaining, the last thing you want to worry about is your fine china smashing on the concrete, but you also don’t want the look of cheap plasticware, either. Invest in a melamine dining set, like these Le Cadeaux Melamine Marrakech Plates. They feature a stunning design and are made out of heavy-duty, triple-weight melamine, helping to prevent breakage when accidental drops happen. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe, which will make cleanup a breeze!

Le Cadeaux Melamine Marrakech Bowl & Tray Set

  • Serve in style. After slaving away at the grill, you’ll want to present your dishes in style! Serve up appetizers, main courses, and desserts on beautifully designed servers and trays. This Le Cadeaux Melamine Marrakech Bowl & Tray Set is perfect for chips and dip or steak and crab cakes with a side of remoulade. Whatever food you fancy, make sure it’s appealing from plate to mouth with beautiful serve ware.  

Make the most of your summer. Whether you’re planning a barbecue gathering at your place or headed to a friend’s for a night of outdoor fun, these ideas will get you barbecuing the right way!

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