How to Create a Baby Registry When You’re a Minimalist

Baby Registry Tips for Minimalists

Putting together a baby registry can be challenging for anyone, considering how many options there are on the market. If you’re a minimalist, it can be especially hard stocking your baby registry with must-have items. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to create the perfect baby registry, even if you live a simplified lifestyle. When you’re a minimalist registering for baby gifts, keep these five tips in mind. 

  1. Register for multipurpose items. Fortunately, there are now several baby products on the market that multitask. From cribs that convert to beds to portable highchairs that double as outdoor baby seating, there are plenty of ways to find items that can serve more than one purpose. The best part is that convertible items mean you don’t have to buy an upgrade every few years as your child grows. Stock your registry full of multipurpose items to keep your space functional and clutter-free! 
  2. Think about the items you’ll be sent home with from the hospital. In most cases, hospitals send parents home with necessities like thermometers and nasal aspirators. Though that’s not always the case, you should definitely talk to your doctor as soon as you can. When you communicate with your doctor, you’ll be able to figure out which medical tools you’ll be provided with before including them on your registry.  
  3. Remember the essentials. While creating a minimalist baby registry, it can be easy to skip some of the most important and functional baby items. Make sure the following are included in your registry — you can thank us later! 
  • Crib 
  • Portable crib
  • Crib mattress, protector, and sheet set 
  • Dresser, changing table, and changing pad 
  • Car seat (or two!)
  • Stroller
  • Diapers, wipes, and diaper cream
  • Swaddling blankets and plenty of onesies 
  • Bottles and bottle brushes 
  • High chair 
  • Teething toys

For a minimalist, it may seem excessive to have two car seats. But if more than one person is transporting your child around, you may regret not asking for two from the start.

  1. Consider other people’s baby registries. If you have friends or family who have recently created a baby registry, compare notes! Looking at their registry will help you hone in on the types of products out there. Seeing what they registered for might give you ideas, but it can also help you weed out those items you might think are unnecessary. Everyone’s tastes are different, but looking at someone else’s registry can be a great starting point for getting an idea of the things you might not need. 
  2. Include your must-haves. Every parent is different, which means we all have different needs. Don’t skimp out on the items you know you’re going to love and frequently use with your baby just to keep your registry simple. If there’s a toy, product, or outfit you simply must have, throw it onto your registry. After all, this should be a special time for you, too. 

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