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As the old saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Health and fitness gurus the world encourage people to eat healthier breakfasts and remember not to skip the meal, since so many of us do that on a daily basis. We will leave it to the health experts to inform you on how you can make better food choices in the morning, but we can help you discover inspirational items to serve your breakfast on!

Gien Eden Breakfast Cup and Saucer 11 oz and 7 1/2" D

Gien Eden Breakfast Cup and Saucer

Add a burst of color to your morning with this beautiful cup and saucer. The pattern surrounding the edge of the saucer is full of vibrant colors and florals. The large blue flower on the cup will have you daydreaming of an island getaway with every sip.

Gien Paris Paris Breakfast Cup and Saucer 11 oz - 7 1/2" D

Gien Paris Paris Breakfast Cup and Saucer

If you’d rather be roaming the streets of Paris than lounging on an island, this cup and saucer set is for you. Decorated with a map, paint palette, and architecture, this set really captures the essence of the city of love. Who doesn’t want to feel like their sipping their breakfast tea in a Parisian cafe?

Raynaud Paradis Turquoise Breakfast Coupe 6.75"

Raynaud Paradis Turquoise Breakfast Coupe

Eat your Cheerios in style with this turquoise breakfast coupe. This rimless bowl is great for enjoying a bowl of cereal and the floral pattern on the bowl gives off Grecian or Italian vibes.

Raynaud Cristobal Turquoise Breakfast Coupe 6.75"

Raynaud Cristobal Turquoise Breakfast Coupe

For a simple, yet sophisticated cereal bowl, the CristobalTurquoise breakfast coupe is perfect. The turquoise design really pops against the crisp white color of the bowl. This bowl doesn’t only work  for breakfast!. It can also be used for soups, salads, and pastas when you’re entertaining guests.

 Bernardaud Collection Marc Chagall Gift boxed Set/2 Breakfast cup & Saucer

Bernardaud Collection Marc Chagall Gift Boxed Set

This gift set comes with two breakfast cups and saucers which makes it the perfect gift for newlyweds. The delicate designs and imagery are romantic and whimsical. The happy couple that receives this gift set will be enjoying tea together every morning!

Raynaud Lunes Tea/Coffee Pot 26.7 oz

Raynaud Lunes Tea/Coffee Pot

The sleek shapes and design of this tea/coffee pot make it the perfect match for any modern home. It will stand out on any stainless steel stove and all of your guests will be asking you where you found this gorgeous piece!

Casafina Sausalito Blue Coffee Mug 14.0 oz

 Casafina Sausalito Blue Coffee Mug

The stoneware Casafina Sausalito Blue Coffee mug is oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so don’t worry if you let your coffee get lukewarm. You can still heat it up! The colors and design make the mug look like a watercolor portrait.

With the large collection of breakfast items Pink Daisy has to offer, from cups and saucers to coffee pots, you will definitely have a better breakfast this month. Not only will your food taste good, it will look good, too!


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