National Pasta Month

Fall is finally here and that means earlier evenings full of fun, family, and food. There’s no better time than autumn to enjoy a piping hot bowl of spaghetti covered with your favorite sauce and toppings. Plus, October is national pasta month, so grab a big bowl and help yourself to a heaping serving!

Casafina Ibiza Sea Individual Pasta/Soup Bowl 8.5"W x 2"H

Casafina Ibiza Sea Individual Pasta Bowl. This stunning pasta bowl features delicate waves of pearlescent blues and lavenders. It’s white exterior gives it a minimalistic look, leaving way for the interior of the bowl to sparkle and shine. Use this European stoneware to serve up your favorite pasta delicacies to family and friends. When it’s not in use, leave it out as a centerpiece on your dining room table.

Simon Pearce Marble Stratus Pasta Bowl 8" 24 oz

Simon Pearce Marble Stratus Pasta Bowl. This handcrafted gray marble bowl takes on the appearance of a passing stratus cloud on a hazy summer afternoon. The beautiful swirls and curves of the marble make each bowl a one-of-a-kind piece, with each having nuanced variations throughout. Serve pasta with a vibrant red sauce to create a visual (and delicious) contrast.

Jasper Conran Platinum Pasta Bowl 10.79"D

Jasper Conran Platinum Pasta Bowl. Platinum stripes dance around the surface of this decorative pasta bowl. Perfect for anniversary parties or birthday dinners, this bowl can add a sense of majesty to even the simplest dishes. Pair this bowl with virtually any pasta and sauce combo for a breathtaking presentation.

Simon Pearce Belmont Crackle Celadon Pasta Bowl Place Setting

Simon Pearce Belmont Crackle Celadon Pasta Bowl Place Setting. Complete any dining room with this place setting, made with elegant and durable materials. Each set is hand-finished with a crackle finish to give it a rustic look. Each set includes a dinner plate, side plate, cereal bowl, and mug, making it perfect to serve a complete meal, from salad to pasta and dessert.

Medard de Noblat Stone Red Individual Salad Bowl/Pasta Plate 7.5"D

Medard de Noblat Stone Red Individual Pasta Plate. Perfect for that heaping serving of mom’s Chicken Alfredo, this serving bowl was made to present any Italian delicacy in a fun and energetic way. This vibrant red bowl doubles for serving fresh, crisp salads or displaying fall fruits and veggies.

Celebrate National Pasta Month in style with these gorgeous pasta bowls from The Pink Daisy.

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