How to Celebrate a Baby Shower During COVID

Bringing new life into this world is something worth celebrating, even during COVID. However, the pandemic has changed how we can celebrate. Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways you can still plan something special for the mommy-to-be! Here are five ideas on how to celebrate a baby shower during COVID.

Do a combo virtual and in-person celebration

If you want a bit of normalcy without putting your guests at risk, consider limiting your guest list and including a virtual aspect of the shower. When deciding who should be there in person, take a look at your state’s regulations on how many people can gather at one time and plan accordingly. Those in attendance should be people who speak to the mommy-to-be regularly, like her mom, sisters, and in-laws. Then, you can send out a Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype link for those guests who will be attending virtually. 

Play COVID-friendly games 

You would be surprised by the endless options for COVID baby shower game ideas. One game idea is “Name That Tune,” where you play a series of nursery rhymes for the guests and have them guess which one it is. Another game could be “Guess That Baby,” where you have guests email their baby photos to the host ahead of time and everyone can try and figure out who’s who while they’re at the celebration. Tell virtual attendees to type their answers in the chat. Those who are in-person can write their guesses on a piece of paper. Or everyone can submit their answers on a platform like PollEv, Kahoot, or Slido. These baby shower games are all contactless and COVID-friendly. 

Give out COVID-friendly favors 

With the pandemic, you want to limit the amount of physical contact you have with people, so this means making COVID-friendly baby shower favors. Traditional baby shower favors such as food, candy, and cookies aren’t the best choice unless they’re individually wrapped and packaged. Consider giving out soap, monogrammed hand sanitizers, or masks instead. You can mail favors to those who attended virtually.  

Make smart serving decisions 

For those attending in-person, you want to make them feel as safe as possible, so smart serving decisions are essential. Some food ideas for baby showers during COVID are pre-packaged foods, individual apps, individual cupcakes, or a pre-cut cake. Be sure to steer clear of any type of buffet options. You should also make sure the utensils are individually packaged to prevent cross-contamination. 

Have a gift registry 

To help limit the physical interactions that the mommy-to-be faces, have guests send gifts ahead of time. If you create a gift registry online, your guests will be able to pick a product off of the registry and send it directly to the parents. Make sure to give guests a link to the baby registry and the address where they should send the gifts. The Pink Daisy has a whole section for unique baby gifts and gives moms-to-be the ability to make a registry. Some ideas include a gift cardclothesa baby mata children’s piggy bank, or a blanket.

Planning a baby shower amidst a pandemic can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Mommy-to-be can still uphold all of the traditional elements of a baby shower and can do it with the health and safety of her, her bundle of joy, and guests in mind. Try one or all of these options on our list to make sure your mommy-to-be feels special, loved, and excited for the next chapter of her life. 

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