How to Throw a Bridal Shower During COVID

Party planning has been on an almost six-month-long hiatus. Though the pandemic has not gone away, the tradition of a bridal shower does not need to be forgotten. It just needs to be hosted differently! There are specific precautions we can take to ensure those attending a bridal shower in the middle of COVID-19 can do safely. Here is a list of tips on how to throw a bridal shower during COVID. 

Limit the Guest List  

In our daily lives, we have to limit who we see and when we see them. This is no different when it comes to planning a bridal shower. Composing a limited guest list will help create an atmosphere that is more intimate and less stressful. The more people involved, the more that can go wrong. And most states have issued regulations on how many people can gather at one time. 

With these regulations in mind, you should only invite people who the bride speaks to regularly—not the great aunt she hasn’t seen in years. Remember to communicate and be honest with the guests. If you can’t invite someone, let them know it’s not personal but that you’re doing it for the safety of everyone involved.  

Go Virtual 

The safest and most comfortable option is a virtual bridal shower. Hosting an online shower will give the bride the best of both worlds. She can celebrate with all of her closest friends and family without putting their health and safety at risk.  

We have all become a bit more accustomed to the digital world during these past few months, so a virtual bridal shower doesn’t seem so scary. First, choose a platform to host the celebration, like Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype. Next, make sure you know how many people can be live at once (and for how long). Then comes the fun—the games!  

Even though everyone is not physically together, there are ways to incorporate traditional bridal shower games. You can use sites like Kahoot,, or Google Forms to create an interactive celebration. Games such as “Bride vs. Groom Trivia,” “He Said, She Said,” and “Mad Libs” are all within reach. The best part? A virtual shower has the benefit of allowing people from out of town to attend.  

Have it Outdoors  

If you still want to have a physical party, experts have said that outdoor parties are the way to go. When you are outside, it is easier to maintain social distancing. And do you know what else is great about an outdoor celebration? You won’t need as many decorations because the scenery is already enough. 

Outdoor bridal shower venue options include renting a tent at a park, renting out a restaurant patio, or having it in a friend or family member’s backyard. Don’t forget to book a tentative rain date for the event in case of inclement weather. For your party favors, masks and hand sanitizer are a no-brainer.   

Offer Drive-By

If the bride is anxious about putting lives at risk but still wants to see familiar faces, you could do a drive-by. This will also allow guests to save money on delivery fees and give their gifts directly to the bride. It provides a real party feel while keeping a safe distance. You can decorate the yard, play music, have food and cake, and give out goodie bags to help make the party feel “normal.” Not only that, but the guests can decorate their cars to make the bride feel extra special.  

For those planning an outdoor bridal shower, you can set a specific time during the party for guests who don’t feel comfortable attending to drive-by. Putting a timeframe on the invites ensures the bride won’t have to go back and forth between the party attendees and drivers. 

Send Gifts Ahead of Time 

Let guests send gifts ahead of time to limit physical interactions. Instead of sending the presents directly to the bride, choose one designated person to be the receiver. Give the guest list a link to the bride’s registry and the gift handler’s address. That way, one person can deliver everything to the bride and keep the element of surprise she would get from having guests bring their guests to the party. To make the day extra meaningful, ask guests to write a card or note to the bride so that she can feel their presence as she reads them. If you’re searching for the perfect gift for your 2020 bride, The Pink Daisy has plenty of unique bridal shower gift options

Planning a bridal shower during these unprecedented times can be stressful. If you don’t want your bride-to-be to miss out on this tradition, try one of the options from our list. The bride will feel celebrated and special while also being safe! 



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