Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping During COVID-19

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No matter how hard we wish upon a star, the coronavirus pandemic is not going away this holiday season. So, we must adjust our buying habits accordingly. The traditional shopping experience of going into a crowded store fighting for items, waiting in long lines, and trying to get those last-minute deals is no longer viable. Whether you already started shopping or you’re coming up with your plan of attack, here are some safe holiday shopping tips during COVID-19.

Shop Online

Even before the pandemic hit, online shopping was on the rise. Now that stay at home orders are once again being issued in some areas, online may be the only place you can shop. When you shop online, you’re limiting your exposure to the virus, as well as the possibility of passing it to someone else should you be asymptomatic. Not only is online shopping your safest option, but you can ship the items directly to its intended recipient. Most stores allow you to include a message with your package, so you can send a heartfelt message letting that person know you’re thinking of them.  

Get it Done Early

If you’ve already started crossing items off your holiday shopping list, props to you! The stress of last-minute shopping is not fun in an average year, let alone during a year filled with chaos and uncertainty. You will not want to be around any crowds during this time, so shopping early will help you avoid the masses. Additionally, you can expect longer shipping times for online purchases due to the increase in online shopping. If you want to ensure your package arrives on time, shopping early is non-negotiable. 

Order for Pick-up 

Ordering for pick-up is the best of both worlds; you have an excuse to leave the house without being in a crowd, plus you avoid shipping costs. Many stores offer curbside pick-up options in addition to actually going into the store to retrieve your package. You can always call the store ahead of time to double-check their pick-up policies or speak to a team member about the item you have in mind.

Buy Gift Cards 

During these crazy times, gift cards make an excellent present. They are flexible and take away the anxiety of finding the perfect gift for that special someone. Plus, they help small businesses that may have to shut down their storefront for a couple of weeks. You’ll be able to give a thoughtful gift to your friend or family member and guaranteed business to the store in the future. Send gift cards virtually or in a holiday card. 

Follow Safety Measures in Store 

Before you head out to a store, check your state, city, or county’s current guidelines for shopping. If you are capable of shopping in person, there are certain precautions you should take to ensure the experience is safe for everyone involved. Some tips for shopping in-person are reducing the time you’re in the store, wearing a mask, social distancing, limiting the number of items you touch, using touchless payment options, and sanitizing as you enter and leave a store. Make sure the stores you patronize enforce safe shopping.

Although holiday shopping may not be the same hustle and bustle as years past, you can still safely find gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. At The Pink Daisy, you can shop however you feel comfortable. Check out our products online, buy gift cards, or shop in-store where we’re following Bucks County’s COVID-19 guidelines. Masks are required, and hand sanitizer is available in store. No matter how you choose to shop, we hope you have a safe and healthy holiday season!

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